What It Takes to Decorate Studio Apartment With Furniture

What It Takes to Decorate Studio Apartment With Furniture

What It Takes to Decorate Studio Apartment With Furniture

When it is about studio apartments you eat, lounge and sleep all in just one room. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to get a kitchen which is tucked into the alcove. Otherwise, cooking must also be accommodated in main room as well. As you have to deal with too limited a space, it becomes harder for you to decorate the studios as compared to other rental units. However, you can be able to make your studio functional as well as attractive with some advance planning as well as employing some decorating tricks for enhancing the space.

Start by dividing the available space in your apartment into separate dining, living and bedroom areas, while leaving enough space for the walkway – typically it is ideal to have a walkway of 36-inch width – between these areas. Use area rugs as well as furniture groupings for defining different zones in your studio apartments in SC.

Contrast should be minimized and you should also stick to a simple and monochromatic theme for promoting the visual flow. Space is visually chopped up by contrasting colors as your eye will notice each of the color changes. When you give your studio a monochromatic feel with different tints and shades of same color, your eye will keep moving around this whole space without any stops, just like it sees the paint chip which is color-graduated.

Make sure that you install the window treatments that are functional and completely open to admit the natural light. Select a finish or fabric which matches your wall color making sure that your eye flows as smooth as possible across these windows. When it comes to curtains, mount hanging hardware close to your ceiling leading your eye in upward direction and making your windows seem taller.

When you have to decorate the studio apartments Greenville sc, go for space-saving furniture items which are appropriately scaled for the unit where they are going to be placed. If you will go for too big scale, the space will seem stuffed and smaller. Avoid the design features which eat up too much of space and don’t serve any function at all, just like huge rolled arms chairs and sofas.

Go for furniture items which can serve more than one functions. For instance, you can get a table desk for the dining zone which can be doubled up as your study space. Your trunk with a flat top can be used as coffee table as well as a place for storing holiday decorations.

Use vertical space that may be available in your small rental apartment by purchasing narrow, tall furniture items whenever possible. A tallboy and armoire, for instance, can hold quite a bit of clothing and electronic equipment and take too less of the floor space available to you. So, they can be preferred over a dresser and media console.

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